Lynx 27-Inch Built-In Grill with Rotisserie and ProSear Burner

A built-in liquid propane s grill that features one cast brass burner, one Trident Prosear2 variable searing burner used for exacting, restaurant-quality performance, an infrared rotisserie with adjustable speed motor, 685 square inches of the total cooking surface and produces a total of 50,000 BTU’s. This American made gas grill has additional features such as hood assist hood – making the grill hood lightweight and easy to lift, blue LED accent lights around the grill knobs allowing for the perfect look at night, dual halogen grill lights to illuminate the cooking surface when grilling in the dark and 304 grade stainless steel construction throughout the entire grill.

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Cast brass burner rated at 25,000 BTUs features a lifetime warranty and radiates heat effectively.
Trident ProSear2 burner features quick heat to start cooking faster, reduces flare-ups by 2/3, high searing temps as well as low holding temperatures, Quick response to adjustment knob and a lifetime warranty.
Ceramic radiant briquettes are constructed of high-density ceramic, provides even heat across the entire grilling surface, reduces flare-ups by keeping grease and oil away from the direct flame and enhances foods flavor as drippings hit the briquettes and turn to smoke.
Lynx Professional Grills feature an industry first rotisserie system. The 3-Speed motor rated for 55 pounds features two(2) Roasting positions, 14 to 16 thousand BTU infrared rear burner, stainless steel roller bearings and includes a drip pan for roasting.
Continuously welded smooth joints for quality and strength. Finished Seams with finely polished mirrored edges.
Each knob features dedicated blue LED lighting that allows Knob temperature markings to be easily viewed at night. Single switch activation for LEDs and internal halogen lights.
Hot surface ignition system features safe and efficient burner ignition, lights each cast brass burner with the push of a knob, robust and weather resistant and operates on 12 volts DC.
Internal halogen grill surface light brightly illuminates the entire grilling surface using a heavy duty 10-watt halogen ceramic glass lens directly over the grilling surface.
Lynx hood assist includes a heat treated stainless steel spring system that reduces the hood weight by 90 percent. Makes opening the commercial-grade hood effortless and safe.
Lynx Professional Grills feature a large and easy to read temperature gauge. The temperature reading is for convected Heat, add 200 degrees for surface grate temperature.
Insulated bull nose control panel on a Lynx Professional Grill is safe to touch even when the grill is hot.
Heat stabilizing design or wind-fin design stabilizes critical grill surface temperatures when cooking with the grill hood closed in windy conditions.

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Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 38.5 x 34.2 x 37 in


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