Our Products

Here at The Grill House West, we take pride in providing premium products for our client base.  We make it our priority to make your dream a reality.  We only work with the best partners in the industry.  We work with a majority of American-made products, most are produced here in California.  We have worked with a wide variety of clients with different needs, our goal is to provide your homes with a touch of elegance and delightful environment for you and your guests.

Premium Grills

We do not provide you with any “regular” grills, we pride ourselves in our products.  Our primium grills are American-made, we believe in supporting American companies and products.  The right grill can provide your meals with the most up to date technology.  We can provide you a premium grill that compliments your outdoor landscape that will have the whole block talking!


Built-In Grills

Our built-in grills are the best in the market.  Our products are sure to bring your dream to life.  Built-in grills are great for any grilling fanatic.  The built-in accessories make grilling a breeze.  Let us know what you are looking for in your dream grill and we can help you with the development, creation, and installment.



Smokers provide a deeper flavor in different cuts of meat.  The slow cooking process a smoker can provide you can give you a more moist and flavorful result.  Our smokers are top of the line products.  We are confident that our smokers will not only look beautiful on your outdoor patio but also elevate your meals.



Do you need woodchips, charcoal, rubs, or spices?  We got you covered.  We have what you need to put the finishing touches for your grill.  Our items are perfect for any time of the year and make perfect gifts.  We work with many local companies and provide you the best accessories for your outdoor patio.